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Buildings fail. Make sure your coverage is intact.

No matter how secure your property is, something can always happen. At ABD, we’ve seen it all—from fires to floods to tenant damage. We can help you identify things you might have missed, streamline your coverage, and find the optimal risk management strategy for your whole portfolio. Our goal is to give you the confidence that you’re completely covered, and help you reap the rewards of saving money and reducing your administrative load.

We’ll Partner With You To:
Identify your unique risks

Your buildings have potential risks, based on their location, construction, and other factors. We’ll develop a custom risk profile that reflects the state of your portfolio, including potential points of failure, so you have a firm foundation for decision making.

Understand your true exposure

To plan effectively, you need to know what your worst-case scenario looks like. We’ll develop a Probable Maximum Loss (PML) report that addresses your entire portfolio, giving you a big-picture view of how your risk is spread out - so you won’t have any doubts.

Find the best coverage - every time

If you have unusual or high-risk assets in your portfolio, finding coverage can be difficult. We’ve built strong relationships with the top underwriters in the country, and have access to more than 65 focused property markets - giving us the leverage we need to get you the very best program.

Manage the important details

Helping you stay on top of what matters is our top priority. We’re always there when you need us, whether you need a new policy or have questions about a claim. From allocating tenant premiums to tracking down important details, we’ve got you covered.

Why ABD?

We are the risk and reward advisors. Our team helps you understand the relationship between risks and rewards, striking the right balance to achieve your business goals. Our experts partner with you to develop strategies and tactics that fit your unique culture. We take care of the details so you can focus on building success.

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