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M&A Advisory

Create certainty with understandable solutions for alternative asset managers

M&A transactions are moving faster than ever. You need advisors to respond quickly, professionally, and to dig deeper. The insurance, benefits, and retirement landscape is mired in regulation and compliance changes. We will give you a sense of certainty with understandable and sensible solutions.

M&A Advisory Brochure

We’ll Partner With You To:
Offer More than Insurance and Benefits Due Diligence

Our team uniquely offers property & casualty, employee benefits, retirement, and human capital consulting due diligence and placement services. Providing a central place for all your needs on a global scale. Our consolidated report brings these disciplines together in a clear and concise manner.

Bring Our Expertise to the Forefront of Your Deals

Our professionals have collectively consulted on over 1,000 transactions. We understand all transaction types and how to communicate with your other advisors. Your team will be led by experienced professionals that understand your business...not a branch office with a new account handed to them. We will bring you our best people, and we will always deliver.

Provide a Meaningful Experience

ABD is trusted by (and works every single day with) some of the most recognizable brands in the world. These companies provide services to you, your family, and your companies on a daily basis. The experience gained from those clients is readily accessible, and will be brought to the forefront to assist on your transactions.

Deliver Product Expertise that Matters

It is increasingly common to strategically utilize insurance products to facilitate transactions. We have in-house experts with deep knowledge of transactional insurance products, such as Reps & Warranties, Tax Liability, Litigation Buyout, Discontinued Products, Successor Liability, Environmental Liability, and Fraudulent Conveyance.

Keep our Team Fully Integrated Throughout all Points of the Process

Our team will stay the same throughout the life of your investment. The team that lead the due diligence at your initial investment will review and integrate every add-on, answer every day-to-day service question, negotiate with your underwriters, and be there at your final liquidity event.

Structure Sensible Fees

Transactions of all sizes require the same services. We make them attainable and affordable. Our fees are individually tailored based on the complexity, timing, and scope of services required.

Why ABD?

We are the risk and reward advisors. Our team helps you understand the relationship between risks and rewards, striking the right balance to achieve your business goals. Our experts partner with you to develop strategies and tactics that fit your unique culture. We take care of the details so you can focus on building success.

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Global Due Diligence

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  • Employee Benefits

Human Resource & Management Consulting

  • Compensation Analysis
  • HR Audit
  • Outsourced HR
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Reps & Warranties

Tax Liability

Litigation Buyout

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