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Culture of Wellness

Create the wellness program your employees deserve.

Healthy employees are your best defense against rising health care costs. A successful wellness program can make a big impact on your bottom line. The experts at ABD will assess your risks and develop an engaging program your employees can embrace. We look for rewarding, long-term solutions that fit your company’s unique culture, for results now and in the future.

We’ll Partner With You To:
Define your objectives

Documented annual goals lay the foundation for success. We’ll mine your data, including claims, health risk assessments, and wellness surveys to create a profile of the overall health of your company. You tell us what matters to you - such as lowering benefits costs or enhancing workplace culture – and we’ll help you get there.

Design a global benefits program

As companies continue to expand internationally, it is imperative that they have a consistent strategy that is benchmarked and aligned to their stated goals. ABD’s process starts with a review of a corporation’s current structure which leads to specific benefits recommendations by country so you can ensure that your company is offering a compliant, locally admitted program that will attract and retain your talent.

Meet your financial goals

Keep your bottom line fit. ABD’s in-house underwriters work with wellness consultants to develop strategic models that fund portions of your wellness program costs. We offer a range of programs, from low-cost to comprehensive – all tailored to meet your company’s unique needs.

Keep your employees engaged

Healthy employees are invested in their own well-being. We offer a series of performance indicators for insights on employee engagement, participation, and clinical results. Our wellness team will assess the data and gather feedback to help you improve and grow your program each year.

Why ABD?

We are the risk and reward advisors. Our team helps you understand the relationship between risks and rewards, striking the right balance to achieve your business goals. Our experts partner with you to develop strategies and tactics that fit your unique culture. We take care of the details so you can focus on building success.

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