Podcast: What’s Next for Association Health Plans?

Our own Keith VanderZanden, EVP of Advanced Professionals, recently teamed up with The Council’s Katie Oberkircher to discuss the future of Association Health Plans. Association Health Plans, or AHPs, are group health plans that allow small business owners to band together to purchase insurance plans typically only available to larger employers. When the Trump Administration opened up access to these types of plans, public interest in AHPs increased dramatically.

Keith has over two decades of experience standing up Associated Health Plans. Hear what he has to say about these plans and how they can benefit small businesses by checking out The Council’s latest podcast: https://www.ciab.com/resources/whats-next-for-association-health-plans/

Advanced Professionals Insurance and Benefit Solutions is an innovative consultancy that works with every part of the wholesale healthcare benefits ecosystem through Association Health Plans. From insurance carriers to plan sponsors to producers, AP partners with you to drive better outcomes. Contact Advanced Professionals today to learn more.

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