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benefits broker

In the midst of Open Enrollment Season, we have taken a moment to reflect on the services we provide and more importantly the expectations of our clients. We think it looks a lot like working with an extension of your company. The truth is, however, few take this approach. Many companies instead end up with the same suite of employee benefits as the one next door, simply because many insurance brokers take a canned, one-size-fits-all approach. This makes it harder to stand alone and attract the top talent you seek.

As brokers, our approach to benefits and insurance is as unique as you are. Here’s what we offer and how we do it.

  1. We tailor the fit: We know your company and employees are unique and out to change how things are done in the world. That’s why it’s so important to start the conversation with you. We begin by learning about your values, vision, people, processes and goals. Then we build a strategy based on your company and what it stands for.
  2. We manage the costs: Though we take a custom, boutique-style approach, we understand you are concerned with pricing. Our way is built for that. Thanks to our relationships with different carriers, we have access to services, exceptions and pricing to fit your needs. We can market broadly and negotiate aggressively. Finally, in regard to day-to-day operations, we offer unique services to help you optimize expense planning, such as forecasting and modeling on your health benefits plan.
  3. We can grow with you: As you expand, we can do it with you, adapting to the growth and increased complexities of your company’s insurance needs. And, our bench-marking model will keep you abreast of the trends in benefits and perks, all so you can see how you measure up with your competitors.
  4. We’re engaging: At every level of the organization, our system will integrate with yours — whether it’s with your HR workflow or the employee platforms that make your benefits easy to use and understand. 

At ABD Insurance and Financial Services, we can help you craft innovative solutions to fit your company’s insurance needs. Contact us today to discuss your next steps. 

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