What Benefits Administration Means to the ABD Team

As companies grow in size, maintaining a benefits plan that serves and supports all employees, aligns with company values and doesn’t overwhelm the human resources team can feel like an impossible task. But at ABD, we’ve come up with a strategy that accomplishes these goals and allows for more energy to be invested in higher level decisions. Today, we’re sharing our approach to effective benefit administration.

Scheduled Administrative Support

Sharing your workload with ABD benefit experts means staying on top of your responsibilities with less stress and fewer day-to-day administrative tasks.

  • Schedule administrative support and compliance responsibilities based on your budgeting cycle, insurance renewals and business growth initiatives.
  • Understand the data analysis you need to make routine searches easier.
  • Clarify shared responsibilities, outlining our role as your dedicated service team, and those tasks or data needs that we will count on your team to address.
  • Regular check-ins. We’ll get to know the pace of your business and the seasonal cycles of your human resources responsibilities.

Proactive Support for Your HR Team

The organization of your business is likely changing rapidly, as you add team members, exist a PEO, open new locations, or navigate unexpected challenges. Having a trusted team of HR professionals to count on when questions arise can make dealing with change easy.

  • Access to HR professional resources, through an online platform or consultant help line.
  • Design orientation and benefit training for new HR team members.
  • Streamlined employee eligibility processes for adding new employees, status changes, terminations and other adjustments.
  • Help to navigate challenges of a rapidly changing business environment, including mergers and acquisitions, exiting a PEO, reductions in force, opening of new domestic or international locations.
  • Human Resources consulting if the expertise you need falls outside of our agreed scope of work.

Employee Communication and Engagement

Being proactive about benefits administration means increasing the return on the investment that you’ve made in employee benefits.

  • Craft team member communications, getting both the message and the communication medium right for your workforce, at each business location and for those who work remotely.
  • Design well-being programs using our Total Health Solutions mobile app for team members to customize health goals and track progress; and a platform for consolidated viewing of participation and progress.
  • Support open enrollment with the right blend of technology and on-site presence.
  • Facilitate team member engagement, preparing them for the first engagement with a carrier or voluntary benefit vendor using FAQ’s and other tools to smooth their onboarding.

Responsive Support for Your Employees

With ABD acting as the first point of contact for employees, or backup if needed, streamlines communication for more effective employee relations.

  • Implement ABDAnswers, our benefit education and advocacy call center.
  • Learn from experience, using team member questions to update FAQ’s, web pages and other communications.
  • Track benefit utilization. These statistics offer great input for adding or deleting specific benefits when plans are updated each year, and for identifying or correcting carrier, network or service issues.

Much of benefit administration is cyclical: team member surveys, benefit plan updates, open enrollment, reconciling payments to carriers and distributing annual notices throughout the business. ABD will work with you to implement leading-edge, business specific best practices to streamline routine tasks. Our comprehensive set of services is also designed to assist with questions and unexpected hurdles which pop up along the way.

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