Say-on-Pay, the New Frontier for Executive Litigation?

Section 951 of the Dodd-Frank Act established the “say-on-pay” statute, setting up what may become over time, a requirement for shareholder approval of executive compensation.  The present rules, in effect as of April of 2011, mandate public companies to conduct a separate shareholder advisory vote for approval of executive compensation and to disclose “golden parachute” […]

Lincoln’s Legacy and ABD

Earlier this week, we had our kickoff meeting to review the accomplishments of 2012, and set the stage for 2013. As we wrapped up the meeting, we shared a couple of thoughts about Abraham Lincoln. Yesterday, Lincoln received 12 Oscar nominations. The movie was based on Dorris Kerns Goodwin’s book “Team of Rivals.” She was also the […]

Startups: Be Inspired, Be Insured

One of our clients, a startup building  tools for the social media advertising space, is experiencing a fast growth trajectory. They work hard, love what they do and the results are showing. They called me tonight with some unfortunate news. Thieves had broken into their offices and made off with their computers, monitors and some […]

When Endings Lead To New Beginnings

“When endings lead to new beginnings”…a most fitting description to this year’s theme – A Winter Solstice – at the CALPELRA (California Public Employers Labor Relation Association) conference –- with more than 1,000 public employees convening in Monterey earlier this month to attend California’s most recognized public agency conference. The event was a huge success! […]

Important workers’ compensation updates in California… How will you be impacted?

California employers will see a few changes to the workers’ compensation system in 2013. These changes will include increases in disability benefits for injured workers as well as a comprehensive workers’ compensation reform bill intended to address concerns in the California workers’ compensation system that have developed since the last considerable reform in 2004. Increase […]

Better for the Company We Keep

ABD learns how to be the better from one of the country’s most innovative companies.  SYPartners, one of our long-term clients, demonstrates an inspiring commitment to “fight for greatness”.   Recently, in preparation for a planning meeting with ABD’s property and casualty team, I used some of SYPartners’ early released website materials on their new Teamworks […]