American Health Care Act Fails

In a dramatic turn of events, Speaker Ryan and President Trump made the decision to pull consideration of the American Health Care Act from the House floor upon reaching the scheduled 12:30PST vote.  The House was put into recess and did not reconvene for reconsideration.  There was no vote after the four hours of floor […]

HSA Last-Month Rule

Determining an employee’s HSA contribution limit following a mid-year election can be tricky. Question:  An employee was hired mid-September last year and enrolled in the HDHP coverage on date of hire. What is his 2016 HSA contribution limit? Compliance Team Answer: Standard Rule: Proportional Limit The general rule is that the employee would have a […]

Health FSA Reimbursements after Termination of Employment

This week’s question is a two part question dealing with the regulations surrounding reimbursement of FSA claims after termination of employment and options available. Question Part I: Does an employee ever have longer than 90 days to submit health FSA claims after terminating employment? Compliance Team Answer: Run-Out Period Cafeteria plans typically provide for a […]

The American Health Care Act Released

Yesterday, House Republicans unveiled their legislative draft to repeal and replace the ACA titled the “American Health Care Act” or the “AHCA.” The AHCA draft is broken into two components: House Ways and Means Committee Full-text of legislative draft Section-by-section summary House Energy and Commerce Committee Full-text of legislative draft Section-by-section summary The AHCA incorporates […]

Spouse Relocates Outside of the U.S., or Moves to the U.S.

With our workforce becoming more global, employers need to understand how to handle internationally located dependents. Question:  What election changes are permitted where an employee’s spouse moves into or out of the country? Compliance Team Answer: Change in Residence Affecting Eligibility A change in residence of the employee, spouse, or dependent creates a permitted election […]

First Step: Trump Signs ACA Executive Order

One of President Trump’s first pen strokes upon taking office Friday was to sign an executive order related to the ACA.  The full text of the executive order is available on the White House website. Summary of the Order’s Content In short, the order directs all executive agencies within the new Trump administration (including the […]

The Harmony of ABD & The Beatles

Many of you know that I’m passionate about music. I love listening to music, seeing live music, playing in our band Birdseed, chatting about bands with friends. And I’ve grown over the years to love almost every type of music – classical, folk, rock, punk, rap, funk, and country. The Beatles were the first band I fell […]

Cyber Trends for 2017

We just finished National Cyber Security Awareness Month. I was fortunate enough to attend CLM’s Cyber Security Summit in New York.  The summit provided information on current and future trends, best practices in utilizing insurance, and some scary reminders that the threats are all around us. Cyber Trends for 2017 Ransomware and phishing scams continue […]

What to expect from your benefits broker

In the midst of Open Enrollment Season, we have taken a moment to reflect on the services we provide and more importantly the expectations of our clients. We think it looks a lot like working with an extension of your company. The truth is, however, few take this approach. Many companies instead end up with the […]