Cadillac Tax May Be Delayed to 2020

On December 15th, Congress finally posted its draft of the 2009-page omnibus bill we’ve been waiting for, officially titled the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016. Almost at the very end of the bill (see page 2,000) is the most anticipated piece of relief: A two-year delay in the Cadillac tax. The bill would delay implementation of […]

Public Sector Management Professionals Challenged to Shift into Brilliance in the Face of Tremendous Change

Like the private sector, the public sector continues to grapple with fiscal budgets. According to the City Fiscal Conditions 2015 Report (published by the National League of Cities), city budgets are  in a better position than the past year. However, the capacity of city budgets remains weakened coming out of the Great Recession. The evidence […]

ABD Seminar Series: Integrating Workers’ Compensation and Wellness

Traditional approaches often yield traditional results. That’s why ABD was excited to introduce our new model for addressing the escalating cost of workers’ compensation claims. On October 21st, we hosted “Part I: Prevention and Risk Readiness”, the first segment of our integrated workers’ compensation and wellness seminar series. Approximately seventy percent of the cost of […]