7 Factors Influencing Your Group Health Care Costs

As you approach another renewal for your benefit plans, chances are you’re budgeting for another increase to the premiums or fees that you pay for your employees’ health care coverage. Several factors heavily influence those costs, some that you can manage, and others that may be out of your control. 1)        The Health of your Employees  This […]

Is Your Firm Prepared for Successful Global Operations?

“Business has to scale up to meet the demands of this global market.  The scaling –up process is unavoidable.”– Richard Parsons, former CEO and Chairman of Time Warner. Twenty years ago, the idea of international expansion was rare; but soon, and probably NOW, for most employers, it will become a standard procedure for growing companies. […]

Above and Beyond Daily; It’s No Joke

On April Fool’s Day, many people delight in playing tricks on one another.  Depending upon which side of the joke you land – you either love or loathe the tradition.  And while the ABD Team has a great collective sense of humor, it seems more likely that this group will spend the day complimenting one […]

Startups: The Right Stuff

We work with startups everyday. It’s an understatement to say that these emerging companies move fast, pivot, develop, sell and strategize with blazing speed and intense focus. Perhaps, the last thing you want to think about is insurance, but when does it come up  –  how do you know you are getting the right stuff? […]

The ABD Team keeps giving…

This week’s switch to daylight savings, needle phobias, lightheadedness and even potential nausea were not deterrents for the ABD Team to give – literally of themselves – at our ABD sponsored Red Cross Blood Drive this week. Our team members are notorious for rolling up their sleeves to get a job done for their clients; […]

Leaping Into Spring….

As our favorite baseball teams begin warming up for spring training, which helps them prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming season- it’s a great time to encourage employees to embrace healthy and well-being activities. Promoting healthy behaviors ‘around the clock’ helps employees avoid illnesses and injuries, both on and off the job – and […]