Are you ready for Sunshine?

Are you ready for Sunshine? Surrounding a company with great partners and advice to mitigate risk in advance of potential litigation is often the best strategy to address the total cost of risk. Carolyn Bruguera, Esq. from R-Squared Services & Solutions, Inc., consults with companies on best practices with respect to the Sunshine Act, and […]

Charter Buses and Liability

Are you on the bus? What to know about employee transportation services Bus travel has long been a major part of the American transportation system. From Greyhound to Green Tortoise, buses have provided an inexpensive way to get from point A to point B. Charter buses began as a way for companies to accommodate city-dwelling […]

Target Date Funds – A Set-It-And-Forget-It Choice

HR professionals know that retirement benefits are the cornerstone of a strong employee recruitment and retention strategy. But helping employees construct a 401k portfolio is a complicated task. Large caps, small caps, international, fixed income, growth and value oriented funds – these are just some of the choices an employee has to make when picking […]

Which direction is your employee’s health trending?

Many organizations allocate a large percentage of their healthcare dollars to high-risk employees.  But is that the best approach? Research shows that building wellness programs for the whole employee population might be a better tactic. Proactive measures that extend to all employees can improve the health of entire organizations, both physically and financially. By changing […]