Is Your Brick & Mortar Store Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Most commercial businesses do not realize their exposure to Cyber attacks.  Every business, large and small, is exposed to these types of attacks, which have serious financial consequences for business owners, customers, employees, and vendors. What is a Cyber attack? Unauthorized electronic access to confidential information. What are examples of types of confidential data? Customer […]

OSHA’s New Hazard Communication Standard

Effective 8/1/13: Chemical manufacturers, importers, and distributors and employers whose employees may be exposed to chemicals, need to be aware of OSHA’s recent revisions to its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS).  Generally, the HCS requires that manufacturers and importers evaluate the hazards posed by chemicals they produce or import and then convey that information through labels […]

Medicare: The ABC’s of Medicare Parts A, B & D

With millions of Baby Boomers turning 65 every year, Medicare is a major topic of discussion for this generation.  There are a few things that every Baby Boomer should know about Medicare before they hit 65 years old, particularly, if they plan to stay in the workforce beyond then. Tips for Baby Boomers When you […]

7 Factors Influencing Your Group Health Care Costs

As you approach another renewal for your benefit plans, chances are you’re budgeting for another increase to the premiums or fees that you pay for your employees’ health care coverage. Several factors heavily influence those costs, some that you can manage, and others that may be out of your control. 1)        The Health of your Employees  This […]

Is Your Firm Prepared for Successful Global Operations?

“Business has to scale up to meet the demands of this global market.  The scaling –up process is unavoidable.”– Richard Parsons, former CEO and Chairman of Time Warner. Twenty years ago, the idea of international expansion was rare; but soon, and probably NOW, for most employers, it will become a standard procedure for growing companies. […]

Above and Beyond Daily; It’s No Joke

On April Fool’s Day, many people delight in playing tricks on one another.  Depending upon which side of the joke you land – you either love or loathe the tradition.  And while the ABD Team has a great collective sense of humor, it seems more likely that this group will spend the day complimenting one […]