COBRA Subsidies and Reimbursement

There are many rules regarding COBRA subsidies and reimbursement.  It is important to be aware of them. Question:  What are the rules around offering COBRA subsidies for former employees or employees on extended leave?  What about COBRA reimbursement for new hires to cover the cost of coverage through a previous employer during the waiting period? […]

Post Open Enrollment Election Changes

There is always one employee who misses the open enrollment deadline and needs to make a change.  What can be done? Question:  Company’s open enrollment closed last week, buy the plan year doesn’t start until July 1.  An employee says she missed the OE deadline by mistake but needs to change her medical election.  Can […]

Trump and Lieutenants, Their Impact to Directors and Officers

The ABD Team recently hosted The Women’s General Counsel Network (“WGCN”), to discuss the Trump’s Administration effect on companies. The WGCN is an invitation-only group dedicated to supporting its high-achieving members through a peer network. The WGCN sought to understand Trump Administration changes currently in the pipeline from a health care perspective and a director […]

July 31 PCORI Filing Deadline is Quickly Approaching

The end of July will be here in a blink of an eye, which means another round of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) fees will soon be due for employers with a self-insured medical plan. This round of the annual PCORI fee imposed on health insurance issuers and self-insured plan sponsors must be reported and […]

Terminated Employees Not Terminated from Coverage

Missing an employee termination from benefits is a common error.  What is the best way to correct this? Question:  A client just realized that a group of 16 former employees were not dropped from coverage despite terminating from employment up to seven months ago.  The HRIS system did not communicate with the ben admin system, […]

Senate ACA Repeal and Replace Bill Introduced

Yesterday, Senate Republicans introduced their draft of the ACA “repeal and replace” bill titled the “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017” (“BCRA”).  The BCRA comes after House Republicans passed their ACA repeal/replace bill titled the “American Health Care Act” (“AHCA”) on May 4. See our Office Hours webinar for full details on the AHCA version […]

Soon to be Ex-Spouse = Soon to be Ex-Benefits

A divorce in process and the spouse moving out of state prior to the divorce provide complications. Question: An employee and spouse are in the process of finalizing a divorce.  Prior to the divorce being finalized, the spouse is moving to New York, which outside the regional service area of the HMO that they’re both […]

Board Members and Employee Benefits

Offering coverage to Board Members can cause problems for an employer My self-funded client has a board member who is asking to be covered on the client’s employee benefits plans.  Is this permitted?  Compliance Team Response: Assuming the board member is a non-employee director, offering coverage is not recommended because it could create a prohibited […]

Mistaken Enrollment in the Dependent Care FSA

Employees make mistakes while enrolling.  Mistaken enrollment into the Dependent Care FSA seems to be a common problem. Question:  An employee enrolled in the dependent care FSA even though he has no children.  It was clearly a mistake.  Can we do anything? Compliance Team Answer: Executive Summary The short answer is it that although it […]