What to expect from your benefits broker

In the midst of Open Enrollment Season, we have taken a moment to reflect on the services we provide and more importantly the expectations of our clients. We think it looks a lot like working with an extension of your company. The truth is, however, few take this approach. Many companies instead end up with the […]

What to do if your social channel is hacked

Social media is practically a marketing utility, an easy, go-to place for customers to connect with the companies they want to do business with. That’s why it’s important to be watchful and ready for a social media cyber attack, which isn’t a matter of if, but a matter of when. After all, if a social media founder’s […]

Technologies are delivering health data more quickly. What risks should companies be aware of?

Anyone can see that technology is making health care easier and faster. And people are eager to embrace it, as they wear devices that track their vital signs and movements around the clock, and order at-home genetic screening kits to learn about their DNA. On top of that, new advances in non-invasive testing and analysis mean patients can get a diagnosis more quickly than […]

Make open enrollment easier for your employees

Open-enrollment season takes place during a frantic time of year. In the workplace, employees hustle to tidy up contracts after summer’s peaceful lull. Home is also busy, with kids back in school, holiday schedules and budgets. When it comes time to call people to this meeting to talk about your company’s array of benefits, making the process […]

Are you growing out of your PEO? Considerations as you decide to transition.

When you were smaller, partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) made sense. It shifted some taskes and liabilities off your shoulders and allowed you to afford to offer good health benefits to your employees. Most of all, outsourcing your human resources, benefits, and payroll gave you space to concentrate on growing your business. Though co-employment had a role […]

Cyber crime, social engineering fraud and scams are on the rise

In today’s interconnected world, online fraudsters can infiltrate even the best-managed organizations through cyber crime. Also known as social engineering fraud, phishing as well as whaling, these fraudsters pose as vendors, clients or colleagues, gaining the confidence of an employee and instructing him or her to transfer money or securities to fraudulent accounts. Fraudsters are becoming very clever in their tactics […]

Keep your foreign clinical trials on track with the best insurance coverage

Medical research, whether it’s part of developing a pharmaceutical or a medical device, sometimes needs to take place in a faraway country. Most often, companies are seeking the most relevant pool of patients.  As companies prepare for their first-ever overseas trials, few think of this one critical thing until very late in their preparations: Getting the appropriate insurance. Yet, […]