Podcast: What’s Next for Association Health Plans?

Our own Keith VanderZanden, EVP of Advanced Professionals, recently teamed up with The Council’s Katie Oberkircher to discuss the future of Association Health Plans. Association Health Plans, or AHPs, are group health plans that allow small business owners to band together to purchase insurance plans typically only available to larger employers. When the Trump Administration […]

Guide to Gender Pay Equity for Smaller Companies

Are men and women being paid the same salaries for doing the same work within your organization? According to Forbes, 92% of employers believe they are paying staff fairly, while only 65% of employees believe the same. In a highly competitive talent market this difference might keep you up at night. Most guides for identifying and acting […]

FSA for Special Education

Question:  Can employees use the dependent care FSA or health FSA to reimburse special education expenses for their children? Compliance Team Response: Dependent Care FSA: Generally Not An Eligible Expense Educational expenses are not an eligible dependent care FSA expense.  Those expenses are not considered to be for the “care” of the child. However, the […]

How to Approach Reductions in Force

The third installment in the ABD M&A Advisory series Finding the Upside in the Downturn When the recession hit, I got a lot of phone calls from clients asking if they could adjust the estimated exposures on their policies downward in the middle of the policy period. This is highly irregular, but we were able […]

Our Strategy for Effective Benefit Planning

In the current job market, attracting top talent can be just as competitive as attracting clients – attractive and comprehensive benefit plans are often a deciding factor for potential team members. ABD’s strategy for benefit planning combines data analysis, relationship-building, and program management to develop plans that work best for our clients. Today, we’ll share […]

HSA Contribution Election Changes

Question:  When can employees change their HSA pre-tax contribution elections? Compliance Team Response: HSA Contributions Governed by Cafeteria Plan Rules The Section 125 cafeteria plan is the exclusive mechanism for employees to make pre-tax contributions to an HSA through payroll.  Therefore, all employee pre-tax HSA contributions are governed by the cafeteria plan rules. Employers Must […]

How Portfolio Companies Can Use Trade Credit to Insure Accounts Receivable

Portfolio company CFOs can recall the fear and uncertainty they experienced when the recession hit.  Unprecedented market dynamics caused new concerns to emerge as they determined how the financial downturn would affect their company. Some of their concerns included whether their banking partners were on solid footing: Would they change their lending practices? Could they […]

Late COBRA Election or Payment Exceptions

Question:  Can an employer make an exception for an individual who failed to timely elect or pay for COBRA coverage? Compliance Team Response: The COBRA rules generally require that qualified beneficiaries elect COBRA within 60 days of receiving the election notice, and that they make the first premium payment no later than 45 days after […]