New York State’s Paid Family Leave Law 2020 Updates

New York State’s Paid Family Leave Law became effective January 1, 2018 with a four-year phase in.

Every year, the Department of Financial Services evaluates the financial health of the program.  For 2020, the DFS has determined it will apply the statutory increases in the Family Leave Benefits.  See our 2017 Alert which details the proposed phase-in.

Employees can take paid family leave to bond with a new child, care for a sick family member, or assist loved ones when a family member is deployed on active military service.   The amount of leave available remains at 10 weeks for 2020, and is scheduled to increase to 12 weeks in 2021.

The paid leave benefit an employee can receive is increasing to 60% of the employee’s average weekly wage (AWW), capped at a maximum of $840.70.  This is projected to index to 67% of the State average weekly wage (SAWW) in 2020.

The employee contribution will change in 2020 to .270% of an employee’s gross wages each pay period.  The maximum annual contribution will be $196.72.

  2018 2019 2020
Number weeks PFL 8 10 10
% of AWW 50% 55% 60%
SAWW $1,305.92 $1,357.11 $1,401.17
Maximum Benefit $652.96 $746.41 $840.70
Payroll Contribution 0.126% 0.153% .270%
Maximum Contribution $85.56 $107.97 $196.72


For more information on New York State Paid Family Leave, visit the New York State Paid Family Leave website.

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