Make open enrollment easier for your employees

Open-enrollment season takes place during a frantic time of year. In the workplace, employees hustle to tidy up contracts after summer’s peaceful lull. Home is also busy, with kids back in school, holiday schedules and budgets. When it comes time to call people to this meeting to talk about your company’s array of benefits, making the process engaging and simple will boost success.

Give plenty of advance notice
Benefits take effect at the start of the year, but if the meeting is set up in December, that’s much too late. Employees will need more time to weigh their options and make their decision. Plan to hold the meeting in October, or early November at the very latest. With an ample cushion of time, people won’t feel rushed into a decision.

Get real
The very thought of health coverage can suck the oxygen out of the room. It’s seen as costly and complicated. Help people connect the dots by talking about real-world things. In the posters, make a list of life changes that might prompt people to opt in to the insurance plan. (“Will you celebrate your 26th birthday in 2017?” “Is your family growing?” “Did you want to see how our plan compares with your spouse’s?”) At the gathering, show how much will be taken out of each paycheck, and give scenarios so everyone can comprehend what the plan offers.

Give incentives
Reward employees for their time and participation. They are, after all, taking time from a busy work day to learn complex information and make a big financial decision. Offer gift cards, serve food and host a drawing for extra perks, such as half day of paid time off.

Have a follow-up procedure in place
Block out some time in the calendar and let employees know you are available if they need to meet with you to answer questions and walk through scenarios.  

Is it time for you to look at different benefits plans that will set your company apart? Contact the ABD team and let’s talk.

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