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ABD has partnered with the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) to develop an exchange/mindshare program for young insurance professionals. The program is a platform that aims to enable employees in the various WBN member firms to work together in an environment designed to support development and exchange between WBN member firms.

Last month, I had the opportunity to be among the first to participate in the exchange program. I traveled to Australia to visit and work with Honan Insurance Group. I spent my first week at their office in Melbourne and the next at their Sydney office, meeting with Honan’s account managers, salespersons, and worker’s compensation claims advocates. The trip was a fantastic experience personally and professionally and also a prime opportunity to share some ABD insights across the globe.

During my time with Honan, we met several times to discuss our firms’ partnership and the differences in our work processes. Because both of our firms are growing rapidly, we brainstormed ways to mitigate some of our shared pain points, such as the back-and-forth between ABD and Honan as we work together to support our mutual clients.

We also shared some of our newer platforms, such as our specialized client and clinical trial portals, and they were impressed with ABD’s efforts to integrate this new technology to help make communication easier for both our employees and our clients. They mentioned that as they expand, they hope to implement the very same programs for their clients.

Despite our few differences, however, one notable similarity stood out: the commitment to balancing work and play. Honan’s company culture was very close-knit and welcoming, with teams scheduling group dinners and outings regularly. Because we at ABD take pride in our commitment to “Work, Love, Play” it was encouraging to see our partners on a different continent recognize the value of prioritizing balance and wellness. These values made me feel right at home at Honan and I hope that when it comes time for them to visit the ABD offices, they’ll feel just as welcome in California as I did in Australia.

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Dana George ABD

Dana George
Senior Account Manager
Property and Casualty, Life Science


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