Employee Wellbeing Programs to Consider in 2019

It’s becoming more apparent to employers that happy and healthy employees make for a more productive workforce. Helping employees navigate life in and outside of the workplace will benefit both your business and bottom line.

Let’s look at three wellbeing programs that should be given consideration when planning for 2019:

  • Mindfulness Training. With an increasing interest in offering mental support services in the workplace, mindfulness training is a creative approach to help people focus on the present moment, thoughts, feelings, and body through meditation, breathing and yoga. It can help reduce stress and increase focus, meaning more attention dedicated to performing work duties.
  • Flexible Schedules. Long gone are the days of rigidity being accepted in the workplace. Many employees find the ability to vary their schedule helps reduce personal stress, allowing for better time management to accomplish personal and professional responsibilities. With proper communication between managers and employees, you can determine whether allowing a flex schedule works for your business.
  • Financial Education. The love of the work itself may keep employees showing up every day, but we can also agree the consistent paycheck is a key factor, too. Therefore, it makes sense to provide employees with tools to better manage their money, pay down large debts, plan for retirement, and more. This training is the perfect opportunity for employers to support the growth and development of employees through financial wellbeing education programs.

abd_circle_of_care_wellbeingLet ABD help your team get on the right track!

At ABD, we’re proud to offer our revolutionary vision for the future of workers’ compensation – an integrated workers’ compensation and wellness service model referred to as Circle of Care (CoC).

CoC embraces an innovative concept of reducing workers’ compensation and health care costs by taking a strategic, integrated and multidisciplinary approach to employee health and safety management, based on three core service areas:

  • Prevention and Risk Readiness: Helping organizations avoid injuries before they occur by engaging resources in advance of any potential workplace injury or illness.
  • Injury and Illness Management: Guiding employers through the complex workers’ compensation system in real time, ensuring the best advocates are involved.
  • Recovery and Wellbeing: Keeping the employee a priority while developing a plan to return to and stay healthy at work.

For more information, we invite you to check out more on ABD’s Circle of Care here.

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