Introducing Coco Schoeller: Business Development and Due Diligence Project Leader, M&A Advisory

Meet Coco Schoeller, the newest member of the M&A Advisory Team. Based in New York City, Coco will focus on business development, offering insurance, employee benefits, human capital due diligence services, and transactional products solutions such as Reps & Warranties and Tax.

Q&A with Coco:

Share your career path before coming to ABD.

My career right out of Brown started as a member of the US Rowing National Team where I competed in World Championship regattas, won the Head of the Charles in Boston, and became a Henley Royal Regatta Champion. As an Olympic Training Center athlete, rowing was my full-time job and I traveled the world for competitions.

After I “retired” from rowing competitively I worked in business development for a technology company, and that is how I found ABD!

Insurance? Really? Why? 

Insurance interests me because it is such a complex product, and because it is such an integral part of our economy. The products we provide at ABD protect businesses from unforeseen risk and our M&A Transaction Risk products allow funds to make competitive investments faster, with a greater level of protection. No two transactions are the same, and I look forward to working with the ABD team to provide bespoke solutions to all of our clients.

What attracted you to ABD?  

The people! When I first met Matt Somma, VP of M&A Transaction Risk, I knew I wanted to work with him. He is a true A-player and expert in his field, and it blew me away. Once I came out to meet the team in California, I realized that ABD is entirely A-players and I felt right at home. While I was on the National team, I was surrounded by people who were the best at what they did and did everything with intention. As soon as I walked into ABD, I felt the same energy and was sold.

What excites you about 2020? 

2020 is off to a spectacular start at ABD and I am excited to build on that momentum in New York! I am also looking forward to cheering my teammates on as they go for Olympic gold in Tokyo this summer.

If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or to the future? Why?

I would turn the clock back and go to as many concerts as I could. My first stop would be a Beatles concert, then I would jump around to Queen, the Spice Girls, early Britney Spears, Blondie, ABBA, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, you name it!


To learn more about Coco, we invite you to click for her bio or visit her on LinkedIn here!

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  1. Welcome Coco!!! You need to chat with Robin Hendrickson who saw the Beatles at the Cow Palace (SF)!! And my first concert was Queen at MSG in NYC!!

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