Bringing Financial Wellness to Your Workplace

Last week, I hosted ABD’s very first Financial Wellness webinar. As a member of ABD’s Financial Wellness Team, I spend my time working with companies to create and deliver meaningful financial wellness programs. It was a valuable experience sharing my insights regarding successful financial wellness initiatives with a wide array of employers. We covered a […]

Target Date Funds – A Set-It-And-Forget-It Choice

HR professionals know that retirement benefits are the cornerstone of a strong employee recruitment and retention strategy. But helping employees construct a 401k portfolio is a complicated task. Large caps, small caps, international, fixed income, growth and value oriented funds – these are just some of the choices an employee has to make when picking […]

What’s Your Number?

Are you on track to retire?  Don’t know?  You’re not alone… According to Vanguard, 66% of working Americans have never tried to calculate how much they need for retirement. There are a myriad of online calculators available but most people just can’t figure out how much to save, how to invest their savings and don’t […]