Startups: Be Inspired, Be Insured

One of our clients, a startup building  tools for the social media advertising space, is experiencing a fast growth trajectory. They work hard, love what they do and the results are showing. They called me tonight with some unfortunate news. Thieves had broken into their offices and made off with their computers, monitors and some […]

Important workers’ compensation updates in California… How will you be impacted?

California employers will see a few changes to the workers’ compensation system in 2013. These changes will include increases in disability benefits for injured workers as well as a comprehensive workers’ compensation reform bill intended to address concerns in the California workers’ compensation system that have developed since the last considerable reform in 2004. Increase […]

Cyber Liability

Cyber crimes and data breaches have received a growing amount of attention over the past 5-10 years as we’ve become more and more dependent on networks for both business and personal uses.  Some interesting statistics from a recent Ponemom Institute study include: The average annualized cost of cyber crimes for an organization is $8.4 million.  A 6% increase […]


The Boy Scouts have it right.  The motto of “Be Prepared” is not only a great training tool for young men and women across the land but also a great motto for individuals and corporations to adopt as it pertains to corporate readiness and risk management. The Scout Motto is: BE PREPARED which means you […]