Cyber crime, social engineering fraud and scams are on the rise

In today’s interconnected world, online fraudsters can infiltrate even the best-managed organizations through cyber crime. Also known as social engineering fraud, phishing as well as whaling, these fraudsters pose as vendors, clients or colleagues, gaining the confidence of an employee and instructing him or her to transfer money or securities to fraudulent accounts. Fraudsters are becoming very clever in their tactics […]

Keep your foreign clinical trials on track with the best insurance coverage

Medical research, whether it’s part of developing a pharmaceutical or a medical device, sometimes needs to take place in a faraway country. Most often, companies are seeking the most relevant pool of patients.  As companies prepare for their first-ever overseas trials, few think of this one critical thing until very late in their preparations: Getting the appropriate insurance. Yet, […]

ABD Seminar Series: Integrating Workers’ Compensation and Wellness

Traditional approaches often yield traditional results. That’s why ABD was excited to introduce our new model for addressing the escalating cost of workers’ compensation claims. On October 21st, we hosted “Part I: Prevention and Risk Readiness”, the first segment of our integrated workers’ compensation and wellness seminar series. Approximately seventy percent of the cost of […]