How to Talk About Pay at Work

We all know the reason for work – we work to get paid, so why is the conversation of salary so awkward and taboo? “Pay is a deeply personal issue for everyone. Dissatisfaction with pay can make a huge impact on employee engagement and how likely they are to stay at your company.” Employees can […]

ERISA Record Retention

Question: How long should an employer keep employee benefits records? Compliance Team Response:   For employee benefit plan purposes, the general records retention rule of thumb is to keep ERISA-related records for eight years to comply with ERISA §107.  There’s a nice chart of this rule below. In short, ERISA requires that employers keep EB […]

Conditional Offer of Coverage for Spouses

Question: My client would like to only allow only spouses who do not have other coverage to enroll on their benefit plan. Is this permissible? Compliance Team Response:   Conditional spousal offers of coverage are permitted.  There is no requirement under the ACA pay or play rules to offer coverage to a spouse (the offer […]

What to expect from your benefits broker

In the midst of Open Enrollment Season, we have taken a moment to reflect on the services we provide and more importantly the expectations of our clients. We think it looks a lot like working with an extension of your company. The truth is, however, few take this approach. Many companies instead end up with the […]

Make open enrollment easier for your employees

Open-enrollment season takes place during a frantic time of year. In the workplace, employees hustle to tidy up contracts after summer’s peaceful lull. Home is also busy, with kids back in school, holiday schedules and budgets. When it comes time to call people to this meeting to talk about your company’s array of benefits, making the process […]