D&O Renewal Questions for Private Equity Backed Companies in the Wake of COVID-19

As our portfolio company clients renew their D&O policies, the impact of COVID-19 on the renewal process is starting to become clearer. The private equity deal team typically gets involved with the D&O process when the transaction closes, and then the portfolio company management team facilitates the subsequent renewals. With the questions that underwriters are […]

Transactional Risk, Employee Benefits, Insurance, and Human Capital Considerations Due to the Sale of Non-Core Assets

As we consider the potential sales of assets during the COVID-19 crisis, we can draw on our experiences from 2008, when many companies sold underperforming divisions or areas of their business that were deemed “non-core” in order to raise cash in the wake of the Great Recession. Having represented many private equity buyers in these […]

Portfolio Insurance Programs

This is the fifth installment in the ABD M&A Advisory series titled “Finding the Upside in the Downturn” Private equity firms have always looked for ways to take advantage of cost sharing among their portfolio companies. As a result, a role was created at many private equity firms in which individuals became solely responsible for spearheading […]

How to Approach Reductions in Force

The third installment in the ABD M&A Advisory series Finding the Upside in the Downturn When the recession hit, I got a lot of phone calls from clients asking if they could adjust the estimated exposures on their policies downward in the middle of the policy period. This is highly irregular, but we were able […]

How Portfolio Companies Can Use Trade Credit to Insure Accounts Receivable

Portfolio company CFOs can recall the fear and uncertainty they experienced when the recession hit.  Unprecedented market dynamics caused new concerns to emerge as they determined how the financial downturn would affect their company. Some of their concerns included whether their banking partners were on solid footing: Would they change their lending practices? Could they […]