Attract and retain top talent by boosting your benefits package

A year ago, millennials became the largest generation represented in the workforce, at more than 53 million strong. What may surprise you about this generation, though, is that conventional wisdom might be wrong. If more longevity and loyalty is what you’d like from your younger workers, it turns out that may not be such a tall order. One group of researchers has found that nearly one-half of millennials are open to the idea of working for a company for 10 years or more, especially those with attractive benefits packages, concluding that this group of workers is thinking about long-term financial security.

While a benefits package and perks are a welcome addition to any offer of employment, a deeper look at your offerings and culture can help you win over top talent.

Opportunity for growth: It’s not that millennials are disloyal by nature, it’s just that they are taking the long view of their careers and want to ensure opportunity lies in their future in this fast-evolving world. To build loyalty, offer training and continuing education. In addition, help deepen the social and professional ties in your organization by hosting “mentorship mixers.”

Flexibility: You may preach the importance of teamwork and face-to-face communication, but today’s workers simply don’t find it necessary to perform tasks from an office workstation when it can just as easily be done from a laptop at home. When practical, give employees the option to work remotely.

Meaning: Many of today’s employees are driven by values and a sense of purpose, and they prefer to contribute to something larger than themselves. Whether you are recruiting new talent or passing along company news, always share the bigger picture so they can understand how their roles make a difference.

If you want to attract and keep this talented, younger generation engaged, it’s time to take a hard look at your company’s culture and benefits. Talk to the HR and benefits experts at ABD so you can design a package that’s attractive to this rising generation. Contact us today.

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