How ABD Gives Back to the Community

ABDers are passionate about giving back to the community. Through our annual golf tournament, we’ve raised over $350k for the American Cancer Society and 85% of our team members volunteer for or support financially over 125 organizations.

During the month of December, we’ve been featuring team members and how they give back during the holidays. This week, we focus on a couple of long-standing family traditions – one family who even enlists the help of Santa himself!


Ricci Jamgotchian
Marketing Operations
ABD Corporate Marketing

“The Winter Nights Shelter in Contra Costa Country is a long-standing holiday tradition for my family and neighbors. During the winter months faith congregations open their doors for homeless families and seniors to stay overnight by providing space, meals and activities.

Over the years we have made meals, decorated cookies, read books, played games and embraced part of our community who needs extra care. It’s one of the most rewarding ways social justice is served with compassion and grace. It’s also connected many faiths together while working towards a common good. My children have grown into this role willingly and look forward to spending time with these families bringing joy, smiles and laughter into this stressful time of year especially when homeless.”

Nicole Dilorenzo
Account Coordinator
Property and Casualty

“Every year since I was young, my family has put together gift bags that we call “Santa Bags.” We’d create the gift bags by having each kid in the family fill a large bag with 20 to 25 toys or pieces of clothing that “Santa” would then donate to a charity that repurposed the toys into gifts for underprivileged children in the community. Other years, we would give the bags directly to shelters and community centers that serve low-income or homeless children.

We always thought this was a great way to use the magic of Santa and the holiday season to give back to our neighbors in the East Bay and now my siblings and I are excited to continue this tradition with our young nieces and nephews.”

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