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The ABD Risk and Reward Management Process

At ABD, we know how to deliver superior results for our clients. Our process generates innovative solutions to client challenges. We combine the lessons we’ve learned from years of professional practice with disruptive thinking about emerging risks.

Listen First

Understanding the client starts with listening. We give our clients the opportunity to talk. And talk. It’s amazing how much we can learn.

  • Listen for objectives and goals
  • Hear what’s not being said
  • Pay attention for clues to client values, culture, and future
Dig Deep

After listening comes the time for smart, insightful questions. We use what we learn to discover even more.

  • Uncover data and facts
  • Sift through information
  • Probe the smallest details
Connect Dots

The relationships between risks and rewards aren’t always obvious. We use the data we collect to create a complete picture of the interplay between the risks our clients face and the rewards they’re pursuing.

  • Identify dependencies and interdependencies
  • Expose vulnerabilities and strengths
  • Explore client risk appetite
Think Disruptive

The best solution isn’t always the obvious solution. We approach things from various angles, bring in people with fresh perspectives, and explore all the possibilities before settling on a plan of action.

  • Be open
  • Challenge the conventions
  • Generate options
Protect Right

Risk and reward management is a bespoke service. We design programs that best reflect our client's exposures, risk appetite, and objectives.

  • Recommend an effective structure
  • Identify appropriate service providers
  • Negotiate the right terms and price
Stay Vigilant

Risk and reward programs must change as circumstances change. We keep our finger on the pulse of each client's organization, industry, and expectations so we can help them feel secure and identify new risks and opportunities.

  • Study changing laws and regulations
  • Track industry issues, trends, and performance
  • Communicate often to keep everyone in the know
Keep Promises

Risk and reward management is built on the promise to help clients manage through the unknowns.  We deliver results.

  • Guide you when it really matters
  • Execute the game plan
  • Make necessary adjustments 

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