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PEO Transition Webinar - Time to Take Control of Your Business Destiny - 7/25/17

Office Hours Webinar - AHCA Passes House 5/25/17

Office Hours Webinar - Health Benefits for Domestic Partners 3/30/17

Office Hours Webinar - San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance - 1/19/17

Office Hours Webinar - Obamacare to Trumpcare - 11/29/16

Webinar - It's Trump! What the 2016 Election Benefits Will Mean for Employee Benefits - 11/17/16

Office Hours Webinar - Go All the Way With HSA: Everything HDHP/HSA You Need to Know - 9/15/16

Office Hours Webinar - New Final Wellness Program Regulations - 7/14/16

Office Hours Webinar - The New DOL Fiduciary Rule and Your 401(k) Plan - 5/12/16

Integrated Workers' Compensation and Wellness Seminar Series: Part 2 - 4/6/16

ABD Office Hours - ACA Potluck (IRS Notice 2015-87) - 3/24/16

International Casualty 101 - 2/24/16

ABD Office Hours - 2015 Year in Review: Plus What Lies Ahead in 2016! - 1/21/16

ABD Office Hours - Cadillac Tax Part I: Fight the Future - 12/3/15

Workers Compensation and Wellness Seminar Series - Part I: Prevention and Risk Readiness

ABD Office Hours - Summary of Benefits and Coverage: Reviewing the SBC Content and Distribution Rules (Plus 2016 Updates!) - 9/24/15

ABD Office Hours - Wellness Programs: New Proposed Regulations Add More Compliance Requirements - 6/25/15

ABD Office Hours: The San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance - 5/7/15

ABD Academy Webinar: Emerging Trends: Employers Contracting with Providers, presented by One Medical - 4/21/15

Global Benefits Forum and Drinks Around the World! @ Eventbrite HQ - 4/15/15

Imagining the Future of Benefits: Empowering HR Leaders to Create Healthier Companies, presented by Collective Health - 3/17/15

ABD Office Hours: Section 1411 Certifications: How to Handle Notices from the Exchange - 3/12/15

Collective Health Product Demo - 2/23/15

Technology Driving Better Benefits, presented by Collective Health - 2/9/15

ABD Office Hours: 2014 Year in Review - 1/29/15

Blue Shield/Sutter Network Disruption Update - 1/26/15

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance Update - 1/20/15

Non Profit Lunch Series: Building a Value-Based Volunteer Program - 1/15/15

ABD Office Hours: Pay or Play Issues for 2015 - 12/4/14

ABD Academy Webinar: California's New Sick Leave Law - 11/20/14

ABD Office Hours: Health Care Reform Information Reporting under §6055/§6056 - 11/6/14

WC 201: Controlling Workers Compensation Costs - 10/28/14

Non Profit Lunch Series - Training to Inspire and Strengthen Your Managers - 9/30/14

ABD Academy: How and Why to Self-Fund Your Health Plan

The Sunshine Act - Breakfast Discussion on 9.12.14

Integrating Wellness into your Illness & Injury Prevention Program

Preparing for a DOL Audit - Are you ready?

inHR SF @ Twitter: Going Global: Hiring Outside the US

Inspiring an Epidemic of Health

Workers Compensation 101 Webinar

ABD Global Benefits Case Studies & Open Forum- Startup HR Presentation

Case Studies: Managing Your Benefits Globally

ABD's Office Hours- ACA implementation keeps changing, what you need to know now!

You’ve officially been given “notice”- New notice requirements under the ACA

U.S. Supreme Court ruling on DOMA - What is the impact to group plans?

Avoiding the Pay or Play Mandate - Are “skinny” plans the answer?

The Employer Mandate - What are the penalties & when do they take effect?

Am I a “LARGE” or “small” employer?

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